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Become a Healthier Human In 10 weeks

Without restrictive diets, crazy workouts, or adopting an unsustainable lifestyle

Karen Falkenberg and Ryan Macqueen Cooking in the Kitchen
Become a Healthier Human In 10 weeks
Without restrictive diets, crazy workouts, or adopting an unsustainable lifestyle
Work with the Tigers Eye Life Team

If you’re a busy professional, successful in lots of ways but frustrated with your health progress, or someone who's looking to feel better without added stress, then you already know that you need to do something different.

You know you’ve got a lot of talents in other areas but need some guidance in getting healthy. You know you’re ready to commit and take action. You’re just looking for the right program, personalized support, and accountability. 

If you’re ready for a community, we’re ready for you.

By the end of this program you will have . . .

Skills, habits, and knowledge to make health progress
Feel great knowing that you’ve got the right knowledge and tools to move your health in the right direction. Sorting out all the nonsense and taking the guesswork out of treating your body well is what Tigers Eye Life is about.

A set of “just right” sized nutrition and body movement goals and plans for your future
You’ll finish this program with goals and plans you’ve set for yourself that you are confident you can accomplish and will be a springboard to even more successes. Wow, what a win.

Confidence to know what to eat
Take the guesswork out of how to feed yourself to make progress while not being super constrained in what to eat. No weird foods, no complicated meal plans. You make the decisions on the nutritious foods you’ll eat.

Low stress strategies for shopping and preparing food
Are you tired of buying aspirational foods just to toss them out? How many containers of baby kale sat in your fridge unopened just so you could put them in the trash 2 weeks later? Um, we’re not doing that anymore.

Knowledge about how that body of yours works
No matter your age, you can always tune up your own “Owner’s Manual”. We won’t get super technical with all the anatomy and physiology, but learning, or reminding yourself of your body’s systems and how they function, will help you make decisions.

Awareness of how the mind and body function together
Yep, the mind and the body work together. Use the mind-body connection to your best advantage in accomplishing your health goals. Destress while getting healthier. What a combo. Two for the win!

Progress in your body movement and strength goals
Are you excited by the possibility of feeling like a badass and knowing that your incredible body is getting the TLC it deserves? Yes! YOU can be strong and fierce, nimble and balanced, and confident as hell. Yep, you.

Strategies for reducing your stress
We all deal with stress. Having no stress is not the goal here because some level of stress helps move you along. It’s when stress is overwhelming and toxic that we need to make changes. We want you to have ways to lower your stress. But, we’ll challenge your thinking because we know that not all stress reducing strategies look or feel like a bubble bath.

More clarity about who you are
You’ll have plenty of time to reflect on your identities, what you do and why you do it. Yep, we all have multiple identities. This is perfectly normal. Get reacquainted with that awesome person inside. Identify your superpowers, use them to your advantage, and learn some new ones.

Confidence that you can sustain progress
Your ultimate secret superpower is confidence and you’ll gain lots of it in this program. Confidence comes from consistent small repeated wins. In 10 weeks, you’ll have lots of chances to get those wins because you’ll have new knowledge, a set of tools, lots of insider information, and a supportive community. Yay, go you!


What Our Clients Are Saying

Nancy LoveNancy Love (Metro Boston)
But at age 69, during the pandemic, I had some extra time and started zooming with the dynamic duo. It has been nothing short of life-changing. 
I am stronger, fitter, and, amazingly, more energetic than I have been for decades. My hip pain from arthritis is much improved. I also am developing a mental toughness that steels me for other inevitable challenges in life. When we started, I could barely do one squat; now I do dozens a session with 20 pounds of weight at my chest. Maybe I could eek out a few wimpy push-ups compared to the multiple sets of  multiple types like triceps and downward dog push-ups that I can bang out now. (Who knew that there were so many different kinds of push-ups?) All around, I feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually   I feel better about myself. We’ve been at it for over a year, and I can’t imagine not having Karen and Ryan in my life. In fact, I recently increased my workouts from two to three times a week. 
And these dramatic results are not just from squatting, lifting, or swinging a kettle bell – although we do plenty of that. I am changed because of who Karen and Ryan are and how they show up every single session. They are well prepared and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness, from diet and exercise to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being; they customize each workout to be the just-right next step. But even more important, they inspire me with their mental toughness and unflagging commitment to their own health and fitness and to that of their clients. They don’t just DO this; they LIVE this and LOVE this. And they are motivation machines – 100% present with you, encouraging you, thanking you for your effort, and, yes, loving you. If that isn’t the best medicine, I don’t know what is.
If you are looking for partners and guides on your road to complete health and a love of life, I can’t think of anyone better than Karen and Ryan.
Laura Radcliff (Fort Collins, CO)
I prefer a smaller gym with less stuff. I wasn’t too sure about the one I had walked in to check out. Ryan was working at the front desk and I was on my way out when he caught my intention and talked me into looking around. Next thing I knew I had asked him to train me and 3 years later we are still at it! 
I love Ryan’s spirit, his spunk, perpetual positivity, and encouragement. Ryan is a sincere and caring person, and he really understands body mechanics and getting his clients moving. I have never had a single injury lifting with Ryan. He pushes me to learn and do more while focusing on form, control, and proper lifting techniques. I have recommended Ryan to friends and family who also have long term lifting relationships with him. He will make you strong!
Sage TryttenSage Trytten (Fort Collins, CO)
Before I started with Ryan, I had never squatted or deadlifted and didn’t realize how beneficial those exercises were. 
My goals were to get in the best shape of my life and Ryan was able to make it happen in about 6-9 months. I went from 190 pounds of fat to 175 pounds of muscle in such a short period of time because Ryan knows exactly what to do to achieve your goals at a rapid pace. I went from Smith-Machine squatting with 20 pounds to maxing 280 pounds regular squat which not only made Ryan elated, but changed my life because I realized how beneficial exercise really was. I had no idea how much I was missing out on in the gym not doing complex exercises that Ryan taught me. 
What made this journey even better is that Ryan was just as excited as I was to be in the best shape of my life and that made working out much more fun! Ryan changed my life in the fitness world and I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve a goal. What really separates Ryan from other personal trainers, aside from being so knowledgeable about fitness, is how much he cares that you achieve your goal and how quickly you can see results.  
Jen CohenJen Cohen (Metro Boston)
So, when my friend Nancy invited me to lift weights with her on line, I was, needless to say, a bit skeptical. That said, I love Nancy and yoga and dance on line were less inspiring than they had been.
It did not take long though, maybe two or three sessions with Ryan and Karen, to be hooked. Why? Because Karen and Ryan are motivating, loving, skillful, knowledgable and tons of fun. They both lead by example. They live this work. For me that is what I look for in my teachers, that kind of alignment with what they do. 
Ryan has a way of saying really useful things that keep my mind as well as my body engaged and in the work. 
The way they support each other and interact with each other mirrors the way they interact and support us. Never in a million years did I think I would still be lifting weights three times per week with this incredible group of humans. 
Now, I can’t really imagine life without them. Even when things became available again in person, there was no question about continuing with Karen and Ryan. 
We will be together getting strong and fit, being healthy in mind, body and spirit for as long as they will have me.
JackiJacki Reich (Philadelphia)
I knew that I needed to get balance in my life and to make changes in terms of exercise, diet, and sleep.  Since I began working with Karen in weekly life coaching and weight-training sessions almost a year and a half ago, I have made tremendous progress towards a healthier lifestyle.  
Karen’s compassion, upbeat attitude, and deep knowledge in terms of mind-body connections, nutrition, mindset shifts, and concrete strategies that lead to successful exercise and nutrition changes have been a real game changer for me. Our work together has helped me to successfully make adjustments that I knew were necessary but didn’t know how to accomplish on my own.
Karen’s personalized approach to my professional challenges and my health needs has been key to my progress. She helped me understand that I had developed some self-imposed standards of success that were getting in the way of my ability to take care of my own health. With her guidance, I have been able to release roadblocks and beliefs that were deep seated. I’ve learned how to plan my daily choices and context to set myself up for continued success.
I was initially concerned about making changes in my diet, but Karen helped me make adjustments little by little. She also helped me with strategies to get away from the bad snacking habits that I had fallen into. I was able to make healthy substitutions that fit my food preferences and tasted delicious, so I didn’t feel deprived or hungry. I began to get control of my natural appetite rhythms and saw that I had been using fatty and sugary foods as a form of stress relief. My new dietary choices taste delicious and I prefer them over many of my old choices. It is pretty amazing how much healthier my eating is now! And, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. This all feels sustainable.
As a result of our coaching sessions together, I now have strategies that we co-designed for remaining successful in my professional life while prioritizing the nutrition and exercise I need to improve my energy level and to lose weight, so I feel much, much healthier.  In short, her coaching has been essential for me to make changes to better balance my wellness needs with a very busy professional schedule. 
Especially surprising to me has been the impact of the weekly weight training sessions that Karen leads.  The group is so encouraging and supportive of everyone.  It only took a few weeks for me to see significant results in my strength and confidence in my body movements.  I’m regularly learning more about how the body functions. What she teaches us is really informative.
I had never done weight training before but now I cannot imagine my life without it!  Just one year ago I was resigning myself to more limited physical capabilities and low stamina as an “old lady.” Now I am looking forward to decades of the active lifestyle that I have always enjoyed. I also like that I have visible muscles and feel strong.
I cannot recommend Karen highly enough as someone who will help you achieve the healthy benefits that have been eluding you, all in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable!  She is simply fantastic at being your best advocate for a healthier you.
Carol DeAngelisCarol DeAngelis (Pittsburgh, PA)
At this point of my life (age 61) it was no longer about how I looked in my bathing suit or jeans, or just about the number on the scale for that day. I wanted to feel stronger, more agile, less anxious, and more energized to get me through my busy days. Mission accomplished! 
I’ve learned so much from Karen about fueling my body in a healthy manner and moving my body to increase my strength and flexibility. She is always positive and gives you the tools you need to make healthy choices for life. My mindset has been completely transformed and I do believe that’s where success begins! 

What’s inside Becoming a Healthier Human

Module 1:

You and your identity

Module Highlights:

  • Establish yourself as a priority
  • Get new insights into who you are so that you can take future health actions
  • Identify your consumption patterns
  • Understand how to collect simple evidence and why that’s important
  • Learn straightforward nutritional Quick Wins

Module 2:

Optimizing your consumption habits

Module Highlights:

  • Consider new ways to consume and maintain balance through prioritization
  • Understand how to minimize decision fatigue and stop sabotaging yourself
  • Use a new tool to gather ideas on who you are
  • Learn introductory information on brain chemistry and neurotransmitters
  • Set up your context for success

Module 3:

Your body is a miracle designed for strength

Module Highlights:

  • Understand how your body systems function and interact
  • Explore the body’s microbiomes: what are they are and their importance
  • Know why having sufficient muscle tissue is key for optimal health
  • Consider why weight loss should not be the only marker for success
  • Learn why extra fat tissue creates health challenges

Module 4:

Food insights

Module Highlights:

  • Understand unprocessed, minimally processed, and highly processed foods
  • Know the hidden pitfalls of highly processed foods 
  • Learn the impact of sugar on your body’s functioning
  • Get actionable strategies to grocery shop and meal prep

Module 5:

Setting your goals and measuring your progress

Module Highlights:

  • Be focused and intentional about accomplishing your health goals
  • Know the right evidence to track for yourself
  • Distinguish between behavior goals vs outcome goals
  • Develop “right sized” goals and know how to adjust them
  • Become more disciplined in scheduling time for your health

Module 6:

Skills, Habits, Rhythms and Systems

Module Highlights:

  • Know the difference between skills and habits
  • Understand how to build skills and habits to support your goal progress
  • Use skills and habits as tools to move towards your health goals
  • Examine your context to identify the rhythms and systems in your daily life and continue to make actionable changes
  • Build momentum in your health journey

Module 7:

Which eating plan is best for me?

Module Highlights:

  • Get insider knowledge on the science behind nutrition 
  • Learn how much you should eat and when
  • Understand your total daily energy expenditure
  • Manage change when others don’t support you

Module 8:

The body-mind connection

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how body movement impacts stress, emotions, and clarity of thinking
  • Understand neuromuscular connections-what they are and why they are important
  • Gain a superpower tool: the power of visualization because what you focus on is what you become
  • Use the power of positive self talk

Module 9:

Reducing Stress

Module Highlights:

  • Choosing what to say yes to
  • Understand the importance of intentional rest and sleep
  • Learn to use your nervous system and breathing techniques to calm your mind
  • Get a set of positive self-talk and care strategies
  • See body movement as a way to lessen stress

Module 10:

Putting it all together: future plans

Module Highlights:

  • Celebrate your successes
  • Set new goals 
  • Develop your ongoing plans
Karen Falkenberg and Ryan Macqueen Training Clients
Karen Falkenberg and Ryan Macqueen Cooking in the Kitchen
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Becoming a Healthier Human: The Foundation

(A $777 Value)

Access to 10 modules and lots of support to get these wins:

Karen Falkenberg and Ryan Macqueen Cooking in the Kitchen
gold splatter

The specific wins from The Foundation are life changing
We say that with certainty because you’ll finish this program proud of your efforts and ready to continue your progress. Your self-work will have laid your own foundation for further health wins. Your repeated small successes will contribute to your confidence.

The specific wins from The Foundation are empowering
It’s time to celebrate you and what you’ve added to your Owner’s Manual. You won’t feel you have to search anymore for the perfect diet or nutritional program. You won’t wonder what’s wrong with you. You’ll cherish the chance to move your body because of how that feels and what it does for your mind. You’ll have accurate information and tools and understand how your body works. Now that’s empowering!

The specific wins from The Foundation are a ticket to your future
The future is right around the corner and your future self is waiting to meet you. A healthier you is your birthright. You deserve to feel healthy. As the saying goes, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”. Being a member of the Tigers Eye Life community is something you’ll always have.

gold splatter
Tigers Eye Life Icon

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Make the Health Progress You’ve Wanted

Bonus 1: Weekly live Q/As

We’ll go live each week for 45 minutes to answer your questions, dive deep, and clear up confusions. All live sessions will be recorded for you to watch or rewatch on demand.

(A $750 Value)

What You’ll Get:

An opportunity to probe even deeper. What do you want to know about the topics we’ve covered so far? We’ll take questions ahead of time so be sure to get yours in and we’ll answer as many as possible. It’s likely you’ll learn lots of new things no matter who’s asked the question.

Bonus 2: Two 30-minute bodyweight strength building workouts per week

We’ll lead these half hour workouts live on zoom. You can add them into your current workout plan or use them as your baseline workout to get started.

(A $1000 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Find motivation in working in a group with others on the team. Our current online zoom workout clients get personalized attention and so will you. You don’t need experience in body weight strength training, because we’ll coach you every step of the way. If you have dumbbells or a kettlebell or bands, you’ll be able to use those.

Each workout will be recorded so you can schedule them and join us live or on replay. You’ll have access for the entire 10 weeks so you can also replay them on your own to fit in more exercise if you want.

Bonus 3: Meal prepping strategies

We’ll share insider information on how to get ready for your week. Feeding yourself should not be a project when you are busy.

(A $150 Value)

What You’ll Get:

A set of time tested strategies to get quality food ready to eat. We’ll cover shopping hacks, prepping hacks and cooking hacks. These ideas can save you time and money as well as help you feed yourself better.

Here’s what you can look forward to

Becoming a Healthier Human: The Foundation Program

$777 Value

gold splatter

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $2677

money back guarantee icon

If you aren’t totally satisfied with the Program and what you are learning, we will gladly refund your money anytime in the first 14 days. By then, you’ll have had a chance to work through 2 modules, participate in the optional zoom workouts, and experience the live Q/As. You’ll have strengthened your commitment to your health and will be using strategies that are sustainable.

If you decide you want a refund in those 14 days, contact our team at

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs that people have asked before signing up for Becoming a Healthier Human: The Foundation 

We’re here to tell you that taking care of the miracle that you are, and treating your body well, should be rewarding and, yes, fun. Self care is never selfish. There is a toxic culture of belief that says you must punish yourself into a healthy state. We call weight on all that. It’s true that we’ll make recommendations for you on eating and working out but, ultimately, you’ll make decisions. When you feel the changes in your body and mind, you’ll realize that working out is an amazing gift you are giving yourself. You’ll want to feed yourself with the right foods because you’ll feel so good when what you eat is in line with your goals.


Small consistent, intentional wins will build your success and those will build your confidence and love of the process. We’ll help you gain the skills and confidence to believe in yourself. And rediscover the joy of being human. Your future self is waiting to meet you.

No doubt your progress comes to mind. This is a big commitment that you’ll be making to yourself and you want to be sure that your time and effort will be worth it. But, we can assure you that this is an incredible opportunity to make changes in your mindset, health, fitness and more. 


What we’ll teach you and coach you on are the exact strategies that the 2 of us use on a daily basis. Our principles are built on our insatiable curiosity and thirst for accurate information. We sift through lots so you don’t have to. We’ve simplified everything to make it all actionable. The Foundation Program is built on knowledge, expertise, and  research. These strategies have been incredibly successful for us and for our clients.

We can’t compare the Foundation Program to one you took but we know ours is really different. We don’t focus on dropping a certain number of pounds or try to motivate you with claims of how you’ll look. We ultimately know that those strategies are not what develop long term sustainable success. We don’t tell you what to eat or how much. We’ll help you figure that out so that you will become healthier and will have the skills and tools to continue your progress when this program is over.


We designed the Foundation Program to leverage the fields of nutrition, anatomy, physiology, motivation, strength training, and psychology. We built the Foundation Program on the newest and best thinking around habits and skills. We bring all that to you so you don’t have to spend months trying to research all of this yourself. And, of course, you’ll have some majorly good fun working toward your own goals.

Sure, you could try to figure all this out on your own but why would you want to? The 2 of us have spent years perfecting our proven principles and methods and using them with clients. We’ve done the background work for you. If knowing what to do is all that it takes to be successful, we’d all be perfect at everything because anything you could ever want to know is online. 


What’s missing in that scenario is putting it all together, making sense of it, and adding in highly skilled coaching. The Foundation Program is built on human connections. We’re building a community here and we know that human to human connection is ultimately what life is all about.


We’ve tailored the Foundation Program to meet your needs and we’ll be right by your side for 10 weeks to coach you. Of course, once the 10 weeks are over, you’ll have lifetime access to the modules and you’ll get free access to any updates we make to the modules.

We are leaders in wellness helping our clients level up their tools and confidence so they can take responsibility for their health. Our ultimate goal is to help humans become healthier and reclaim their power. We know you have strengths and areas for growth, just like us. That’s keeping it real. 


We provide #CoachingForHumans. We are humans living real lives just like you. How exciting is it to think you’ll #neversettle when it comes to yourself? With only one life, we hope you’ll show up for yours to the fullest. There’s only ever going to be one YOU. We can’t wait to meet you.


Consider this: Imagine yourself next year at this time. Won’t it be awesome to have had these 10 weeks to advance your health goals and then the rest of the year to continue to make progress. How exciting is that possibility? What might 12 months from now be like? You are so worth this. The Foundation Program was designed with you in mind so that you can continue to make progress. You’ll have lifetime access to the 10 modules and lifetime access to any additions to the modules in the future.

Consider this: There’s no risk to you because of our unconditional 2 week money back guarantee. If for some reason The Foundation Program is not what you imagined, we’ll refund your money in those 2 weeks, no questions asked. We want all of our clients to be satisfied.

Consider this: You’ll be signing up at the lowest price this program will ever be offered at. Because it’s our initial launch, we want to give you a chance to get in right from the start. There are 2 options for payments and in both cases, with the 10 weeks of modules, all of the downloadable content, the weekly live Q/As and the weekly workouts, you’ll be getting an incredible value worth $2677. We’ll be offering the Foundation Program several more times in the next year but the cost will be greater than it is at this incredible introductory price.

Man working out in the grass

Still thinking about it?

Becoming a Healthier Human: The Foundation Program is PERFECT for you if… 

Karen’s coaching is something I absolutely needed when, in reality, I couldn’t find a moment for myself. She really helped me focus on why I do what I do. Choices do not just happen, underlying thought does take place, and Karen guided me to understand how to pay attention to what I do. Karen worked with me and taught me how to really evaluate my nutrition and set attainable goals. Making myself a priority was the most valuable aspect of the process and once I actively engaged in doing so, achieving my goals followed suit. Over the course of my coaching, validation was a constant theme and it consistently motivated me to move forward, climbing towards my goals.
Sara Howell
Sara Howell
Metro NYC
Karen glows with positivity. She does a great job of explaining the strength training process and each exercise. She has us focus on mindfulness and really paying attention to our muscles as we do our workouts. Always a fun hour!
Lisa Victory
Lisa Victory
Knoxville, TN
Ryan MacQueen is one of a kind. I first met Ryan when I was at my lowest and was looking for a change. I had set a big goal and realized I needed help in order to accomplish it. I had never had a trainer before and in the past I never thought I needed one. Boy was I wrong. The knowledge, experience and encouragement he brings to the table is priceless. Ryan makes things fun AND produces results. I've seen him work with clients of all ages, sizes, health conditions and different fitness backgrounds.
Jen Haislip
Jen Haislip
Fort Collins, CO

LET’S GET Started!

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LET’S GET Started!

For more information please email us at: